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Lady Em

17 February
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a streetcar named desire, acting, activists, actress, alan rickman, angels in america, anne of green gables, aol, arthur miller, arts high, arts high school, atia of the julii, audition, auditions, avenue q, beatles, being a mom, billy boyd, billy joel, books, bridget jones, broadway, broadway shows, charles dickens, children, coffee, coloratura, corsets, costuming, cuddling, dark mark, darth vader, deadwood, death eaters, democrat, documentary theatre, down with love, drop dead fred, eugene lang college, extras, family guy, festies, flowers in the attic, floyd collins, friends, gary oldman, gone with the wind, gtriad, harry potter, hbo, historical fiction, history, holocaust, iced chai, independent films, into the woods, jason isaacs, javert, jekyll & hyde, jk rowling, john coltrane, john kerry, johnny depp, kevin spacey, les miserables, les misérables, life is beautiful, little monsters, london, lord of the rings, loss, love, love actually, lucius vorenus, lupin, malfoy, marauders, martin guerre, mary reilly, minneapolis, minnesota, minnesota renaissance festival, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, mrf, music, musical theatre, musicals, neil patrick harris, new york, new york city, off-broadway, oldies music, parent, parenting, pcae, performing, photography, plays, playwright, politics, ragtime, raising kids, reading, renaissance festivals, renfest, rent, role playing, roleplay, rome, salem witch trials, schindlers list, sex and the city, shakespeare, shopaholic series, showtunes, simon & garfunkel, singing, single mom, single parent, sirius, six feet under, snape, sondheim, soprano, spina bifida, star wars, stephen buntrock, stephen sondheim, susan kay's phantom, sweeney todd, tennessee williams, the beatles, the force, the neverending story, the princess bride, theatre, thrift stores, timberwolves, titus pullo, travel, united church of christ, uptown minneapolis, vegetarianism, vegetarians, victor garber, vintage photographs, writing,